Meet Shah | મીત શાહ

I'm a resident at Facebook AI Research working on problems in Computer Vision, NLP and their intersection.

I graduated with my Dual Degree (Bachelor's + Master's) in Electrical Engineering (EE) from IIT-Bombay. I worked at Vision, Graphics and Imaging Lab (ViGIL) with Prof. Suyash Awate on deep learning and semi-supervised methods for biomedical image analysis.

Out of my love for computer science and programming, I have completed Minors in Computer Science and Operations Research. I am interested in the application of Machine Learning and Computer Vision in real time systems.

I'm not a big fan of redundancy and I like to automize things which consume my time on a highly frequent basis. I promote Open Source Software and keep making my little contributions as and when time permits.

I like reading, discussing philosophy and programming things. Read more interesting stuff about me in the About Me section.